Divorce In Akron

Going Through a Divorce in Akron Ohio

There’s no way around it – divorce is tough and can feel like being in a storm at sea. It can be like treading water…. having nothing to hold on to…. and struggling to keep your head above water.

Divorce is emotional and confusing and you might feel like you do not know where to begin….or who you can trust. I would like to help keep your head above water during this time of transition by guiding you though the process of divorce.

I can help you through the divorce process by listening to your concerns, answering your questions and helping you achieve your goals.

There are generally two ways a divorce will happen.

One, it will be amicable – everyone won’t be happy, but it’s civil.

Or two, it will be contentious and nasty.

A settlement is negotiated between spouses and a mediator in the case of an amicable divorce.

Your divorce can end up in court if it turns nasty. I am very comfortable whether it’s an amicable split or ends up in the courtroom. I will work hard to defend your rights.

Whether you need help with division of marital property, child or spousal support, or even child custody issues, I can help.

I look forward to speaking with you.

I can be reached at 330-510-5715.

I will gladly talk with you over the phone or in person, without charge.

I will call you back promptly if I cannot take your call.

You will not be pressured at all.

And if I can’t help you for some reason, I will put you in touch with the very best attorneys in town…that’s my promise to you.